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Combi boiler installers in Medway

Medway Boiler Installers are experienced Gas Safe Registered combi boiler installers in Medway. Call us today on 01634 949254 for a free boiler quote!

We are boiler installation specialists and can fit all the leading makes and models of combi boilers including Vaillant, Viessmann and Worcester Bosch. All our work is carried out to the highest standards and we are committed to providing a professional and reliable service.

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How much is a new combi boiler in Medway?

Are you trying to work out how much it costs for a new combi boiler installation in Medway? Prices can vary from about £2500 up to £5000 or above.

Two things affect the price of a new combi boiler install. The first is the make and power of the boiler that you choose – getting a high output boiler from a leading brand will be pricier than finding a lower output model from an affordable brand. The second element is how complex the installation job is – replacing your current combi boiler with another one in exactly the same position costs less as it’s not as labour intensive for an experienced heating engineer. On the other hand, if you’re converting from your ordinary heat only system to a combi one, this will be more expensive due to the extra labour and materials needed for completion of that job.

Our suggestion would be to talk to someone who knows their stuff when it comes to boilers! Explain what kind of system that you’d like installed and have them inspect your property, offering some options so that you can work out which model best suits your needs without spending too much money! We at Medway Boiler Installers would be delighted to do a free survey and give you an estimate- just contact us on 01634 949254!

Combi Boiler FAQ

What Combi Boiler Is Best?

If you’re looking for reliable heating in the UK, then you can trust these top 3 boiler brands: Viessmann, Vaillant and Worcester Bosch. Additionally, Ideal, Baxi and Main are also great choices for your home.

Can A Combi Boiler Run 2 Showers?

Are you thinking of fitting a Combi boiler in your home? You should bear in mind that these boilers typically produce 8-12 litres of hot water each minute – which is fine for one shower but not two running at the same time. The best solution for this is to install a Heat-Only or System boiler and hot water cylinder. Or why not try a storage Combi boiler? These come with their own integrated hot water tanks to boost performance and Vaillant and Viessmann make models with flow rates over 20 litres per minute – plenty for two showers!

Where Can I Fit A Combi Boiler?

You have the flexibility to install a combi boiler in any area of your home, giving you the choice to optimise your space, as long as the installation abides by all relevant instructions, gas regulations and building regulations.

Here are some of the common places you can install a combi boiler:

  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Utility room
  • Airing cupboard
  • Loft
  • Garage
  • Bedroom

Should A Combi Boiler Be Installed On An Outside Wall?

No – although it usually makes the installation easier and cheaper.

It’s usually preferred to install a Combi boiler on an outside wall because the flue pipe (also called a chimney) that takes away the fumes can go straight outside. However, if you need your combi boiler to be installed somewhere other than an outside wall, there are options. One of the most popular alternatives is a vertical flue. That is, your boiler’s flue goes up vertically and passes through to your roof to take the fumes away outside. This is quite common for boilers fitted in lofts or airing cupboards.

When planning your combi boiler installation, if your boiler isn’t going on an outside wall, it’s best to discuss your flue options with a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer or the boiler manufactures themselves. This is because boiler manufactures have different requirements and limitations with flues. So what may work safely for one brand may not work for another. So it’s always best to check.

Does A Combi Boiler Need A Hot Water Cylinder?

Combi boilers are not dependent on a water tank, as they access their water from the mains. If you have a Combi boiler and a water tank in your loft however, this suggests an incorrect installation.

What Makes Combi Boilers Go Wrong?

The main cause is sludge from the heating pipes and radiators getting into sensitive parts of the boiler and blocking them up.

To prevent this, you should get your heating system flushed out to remove any sludge when you install your new combi boiler. Then for further protection, you should have a magnetic sludge filter fitted at the same time as your boiler. This device, often called a Maganclean, traps any sludge from the heating system before it reaches your boiler. Then once a year, it’s serviced as part of your boiler’s annual service, which includes removing the filter and clean off any sludge that its caught in the last 12 months. These filters are really important and are a requirement of a lot of boiler manufactures guarantees.

Vaillant Ecotec Plus Display

Vaillant Combi Boiler Installation in Medway

Vaillant have built an enviable reputation when it comes to providing reliable Combi boilers since they first arrived on our shores more than 40 years ago – backed up by their German engineering credentials which date back 140 years or more. This heritage has given them a name as one of the most dependable names in boiler technology worldwide today.

The Ecotec Plus Combi Boiler is one such example which has stood tall ever since its release around 15 years ago – retaining much of its original design despite other manufacturers making great leaps forward during this time period. Most notably, this includes its stainless steel radial heat exchanger which revolutionised condensing boiler efficiency forever – an innovation that continues to be admired by many today.

The Ecotec Plus remains at the top end of what’s available on the market today, making it ideal for delivering hot water and heating to your Medway home with no problems whatsoever for many trouble-free years ahead.

Photo of Ideal Logic Max combi boiler and Ideal filter

Ideal Combi Boiler Installation Medway

Ideal Combi boilers are installed all over Medway. They’re fitted in most new-build properties in Medway because Ideal boilers hit the perfect spot between price and quality for developers and landlords. Combi boilers such as the Ideal Logic, while not quite as well made or designed as Vaillant or Worcester Bosch, are still great boilers that have been field tested in thousands of homes in and around Medway for over 10 years. They are significantly less to buy than the top boiler makes and have very competitive warranties. So they’re “Ideal” for people who want a decent quality boiler without the premium price tag.

Ideal Logic Combi Boiler

The Logic is probably the most popular Ideal boiler in Medway. Lauched over 10 years ago, it was Ideal’s attempt to restore their reputation as a good UK boiler manufacturer after their much maligned Isar and Icos range. It certainly worked. Installers and customers loved the Ideal Logic because it was cheaper than the top of the range manufactures, was well build and designed, and came with a great warranty. The Logic is still a good choice of boiler today if you want to keep costs down without sacrificing too much on quality.

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Installation Medway

Residents of Medway are familiar with Worcester Bosch when it comes to Combi boilers – and for good cause also. They may not be pioneers like Vaillant, however they can definitely produce great quality Combi boilers. This British brand began life in 1996 when UK makers Worcester merged with German giant Bosch to create what we now know as ‘Worcester Bosch’. In recent years they’ve earned an impressive reputation due largely to their flagship product: the much-loved Worcester Bosch CDi boiler.

Worcester Bosch CDi Combi Boiler (Now Called The Worcester Bosch 8000)

The first iteration of the Cdi combi came out in the mid 1990’s and quickly became renowned for its robust build and quality design features. There are even some original models running well today in Medway, over 25 years later! It was here that people began to realise how reliable these boilers were from Worcester Bosch . Subsequent versions have seen incremental improvements made until we arrive at today’s 8000 range – built upon similar foundations as that of its predecessor you can guarantee it will stand up well against time .

Photo of Baxi Boiler with a 10 year warrant badge

Baxi Combi Boiler Installation Medway

Baxi Boilers were first introduced in Britain during the industrial revolution by Richard Baxendale, an iron founder who set up the Baxendale Company in Preston, Lancashire in 1866. Part of the Baxi Group, they are renowned for their Main and Potterton boiler brands. A great choice for replacing existing boilers, their Main models are also ideal for people on a tighter budget.

One of their most popular boilers is the Baxi 800 Combi; built in the UK using quality brass components. This boiler and heating system have a protective Adey Micro2 magnet filter system. It’s small enough to fit into your standard kitchen cabinet and comes with EasyFill technology so you can top up your central heating pressure without needing an engineer. The 800 Combi can also be used with 20% hydrogen gas and provides a 10-year parts and labour warranty for extra protection.

Viessmann Combi Boiler Installers Medway

Viessmann is a brand with a long history in Europe, and it is becoming more and more popular in the UK too. Their boilers are renowned for their excellent quality and competitive price tag, so it’s no surprise that they are so popular. The Viessmann Vitodens 050 Combi is the most basic and affordable boiler in the range, but don’t let this put you off – it still provides a great level of reliability and build quality that rivals the most expensive models from Vaillant and Worcester Bosch. It’s also guaranteed for up to 10 years which makes it an ideal choice for properties with one bathroom.

For those who want the best of both worlds, the Viessmann Vitodens 111 Storage Combi is an excellent choice. There’s no need for any external hot water cylinders or tanks, saving you space, and you get great hot water performance like an unvented hot water cylinder – so it can handle two showers running at the same time. This is all thanks to its built-in hot water tank which gives more power to the hot water.

Glow Worm Combi Boiler

Glow Worm Combi Boilers Medway

Homeowners in Medway love Glow Worm boilers as they provide great value without sacrificing quality or performance. A hardworking boiler that won’t cost too much but will still last you many years – perfect for those who want practicality instead of luxury features. Since they are now part of the Vaillant Group, all Glow Worm models come with the same high standards expected from all other products from this company. So which ones should be on your list?

Glow Worm Energy Combi

The Energy combi-boiler was made at their Belper facility – fitted with an aluminium heat exchanger for maximum durability whilst also ensuring low energy consumption costs. This model operates very quietly so you won’t have to worry about any disruptive noise, plus its small size and rear flue option make it easy to fit into restricted areas such as kitchen cabinets. It also comes with a Grundfos-modulating pump which saves on energy expenses by automatically adjusting itself according to your hot water and heating needs.

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